Sponsorships at BBVA

At BBVA we have an integral sponsorship policy based on territories with a high profile with values that match our corporate culture, and involve people who can promote the BBVA name as an innovative and global brand with a differential strategy. 

Through this sponsorship strategy, BBVA supports initiatives and projects which arein line with the principles of simplicity, integrity and caution, and generate value for the Group and its areas of interest.

The Bank's investment in sponsorship is a consequence of its vision: At BBVA we work towards a better future for people, and this takes the form of three motivations:

1.- To be a company of people working for people
2.- To position our brand
3.- To contribute to the development of our business. 

This overall strategy includes the framework for the Group's commitment to becoming the ‘Sports Bank’, which has led to its entry into the area of football and basketball sponsorship, the two sports which have the greatest global appeal.

Similarly, BBVA is also supporting various cultural and educational programs, in addition to other non-profit making projects and social initiatives which enable the Bank to express its engagement with the communities in which it operates.