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Carlos Torres Vila Onur Genç

“In 2022, we experienced significant geopolitical and economic challenges, but BBVA’s strength in all of its franchises, the team’s professionalism and dedication, and our leadership in such strategic areas like innovation and sustainability have allowed us to grow in a profitable and sustainable manner. This significant growth has translated into a net attributable profit of €6.42 billion and we are going to propose to the Annual General Meeting the distribution to our shareholders of more than €3 billion, against the 2022 results.

Our strength has translated into customer growth, our reason for being, increasing credit by 13 percent, and thus contributing to the economic and social growth of the communities where we have a presence. We have also helped over 100,000 families purchase their home, while financing the growth of nearly half a million SMEs and the self-employed, and of more than 70,000 larger companies.”

Carlos Torres Vila

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"The BBVA Group’s net attributable profit increased by 38 percent in 2022 thanks to a solid increase in revenues, an ongoing cost containment policy and greater asset quality.

The BBVA Group remains the leader in profitability and efficiency metrics among comparable banks in Europe. In 2022, return on tangible equity was 15.3 percent and return on equity was 14.6 percent, excluding non-recurring items in both cases. Meanwhile, the efficiency ratio stood at 43.2 percent - an improvement of 277 basis points over the ratio from the previous year.

These results were possible thanks to BBVA’s notable strengths, which have allowed us to make great strides in our strategy for profitable growth, based on digitization, innovation and sustainability, and make significant progress in the goals we set for 2024 at our Investor Day."

Onur Genç
Chief Executive Officer

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Carlos Torres Vila Carlos Torres Vila
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