The BBVA share

The main stock market indexes performed strongly during the first half of 2019. In Europe, increases in the first quarter of the year were expanded on, with the Stoxx 50 and Euro Stoxx 50 rising 15.2% and 15.7%, respectively. In Spain, the rise of the Ibex 35 during the same period was more moderate at 7.7%, with a decline in the second quarter partially offsetting the increase during the first three months of the year. In the United States, the S&P 500 Index rose 17.3% in the first half of the year, maintaining in the second quarter the positive trend initiated in the first quarter. 

The performance of European banking sector indexes remained positive during the first half of 2019, although to a lesser extent than general market indexes, having been hindered by declines during the second quarter of the year. The Stoxx Europe 600 Banks index, which includes banks in the United Kingdom, rose 0.9% during the first half of 2019, and the Euro Stoxx Banks index for the eurozone rose 1.3%, while in the United States, the S&P Regional Banks Select Industry Index built on gains made during the first quarter, rising by 14.4% compared to the close of the 2018 financial year.

For its part, the BBVA share outperformed the European banking sector during the first half of the year, with the share price increasing by 6.1% and closing June 2019 at €4.92.

BBVA share evolution compared with European indices (Base indice 100=31-12-18)

The BBVA share and share performance ratios

30-06-19 31-12-18
Number of shareholders 888,559 902,708
Number of shares issued 6,667,886,580 6,667,886,580
Daily average number of shares traded 31,586,100 35,909,997
Daily average trading (millions of euros) 164 213
Maximum price (euros) 5.68 7.73
Minimum price (euros) 4.51 4.48
Closing price (euros) 4.92 4.64
Book value per share (euros) 7.34 7.12
Tangible book value per share (euros) 6.10 5.86
Market capitalization (millions of euros) 32,786 30,909
Yield (dividend/price; %) (1) 5.3 5.4
  • (1) Calculated by dividing shareholder remuneration over the last twelve months by the closing price of the period.

Regarding shareholder remuneration in 2019, in line with the policy announced in the Relevant Event released on February 1, 2017, BBVA plans to distribute between 35% and 40% of annual earnings in dividends. This shareholder remuneration policy, will consist of two cash payments that are expected to be made in October of this year and in April 2020, all subject to the appropriate approvals by the relevant governing bodies.

Shareholder remuneration
(Euros per share)

As of June 30, 2019, the number of BBVA shares remained at 6.668 billion, held by 888,559 shareholders, of which 43.55% are Spanish residents and the remaining 56.45% are non-residents.

Shareholder structure (30-06-19)

of shares
Shareholders Shares
Number % Number %
Up to 150 176,075 19.8 12,448,419 0.2
151 to 450 176,014 19.8 48,275,584 0.7
451 to 1,800 278,981 31.4 273,197,704 4.1
1,801 to 4,500 135,493 15.2 386,002,666 5.8
4,501 to 9,000 62,927 7.1 396,491,180 5.9
9,001 to 45,000 52,631 5.9 912,487,236 13.7
More than 45,001 6,438 0.7 4,638,983,791 69.6
Total 888,559 100.0 6,667,886,580 100.0

BBVA shares are included on the main stock market indexes, including the Ibex 35, Euro Stoxx 50 and Stoxx 50, with a weighting of 6.9%, 1.3% and 0.9%, respectively, as of the close of June 2019. They also form part of several sector indexes, including the Euro Stoxx Banks index, with a weighting of 8.7%, and the Stoxx Europe 600 Banks index, with a weighting of 4.0%.

Finally, BBVA maintains a significant presence on a number of international sustainability indexes or Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) indexes, which evaluate companies' performance in these areas. This presence is summarized in the following table:

Main sustainability indices on which BBVA is listed as of 30-06-19

Listed on the DJSI World and DJSI Europe indices
(1) Listed on the MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes

AAA Rating

Listed on the FTSE4Good Global Index Series

Listed on the Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120 and Europe 120 indices

Listed on the Ethibel Sustainability Excellence Europe and Eithebel Sustainability Excellence Global indices

Listed on the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

In 2018, BBVA obtained a “B” rating

(1) The inclusion of BBVA in any MSCI index, and the use of MSCI logos, trademarks, service marks or index names herein, do not constitute a sponsorship, endorsement or promotion of BBVA by MSCI or any of its affiliates. The MSCI indices are the exclusive property of MSCI. MSCI and the MSCI index names and logos are trademarks or service marks of MSCI or its affiliates.