Information of Prudential Relevance 2014

11.2. Description of the different types of employees and executive officers included in the Identified Staff

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As set out in article 32.2 of Act 10/2014, BBVA has determined the professionals affected by this regulation (Identified Staff) following the criteria established by European Regulation 604/2014, dated March 4, of the Commission, which are grouped into two main blocks: qualitative criteria (defined around the position's responsibility and the employee's capacity to assume risks) and quantitative criteria (namely, having received total annual remuneration of 500,000 euros or more; being within the 0.3% with the highest total remuneration in the Group; or having received total remuneration higher than the lowest total remuneration set out in the qualitative criteria).

For these purposes, for 2014 this group includes:

  • Members of the Board of Directors, executive directors and non-executive directors
  • Senior Management: members of the Management Committee
  • Professionals responsible for control functions and risk takers by function: This group is set up by functions that correspond to the qualitative criteria established in article 3 of Regulation EU 604/2014 of the European Commission, points 4 to 15 inclusive.
  • Risk takers by remuneration: Made up of employees who meet the quantitative criteria of article 4 of Regulation EU 604/2014.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, BBVA will adapt the definition of Identified Staff, including categories of professionals as necessary, based on the requirements set out by applicable regulations.