financial statements 2014

14. Another relevant information

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14.1. Exceptional factors

The year 2014 saw the exceptional factors described in the accompanying consolidated notes and in section 2.1 of this Management Report: Economic Environment in 2014, which have shaped the performance of the global financial system and, by extension, of the BBVA Group.

14.2. Significant contracts

The Group is not aware of the signing of any material contracts other than those executed during the BBVA Group’s ordinary course of business during the two years immediately prior to December 31, 2014, except for those mentioned in the accompanying consolidated Financial Statements.

Nor is the Group aware that the Bank or any of the Group’s subsidiaries have entered into contracts that could give rise to material liabilities for the Group.

14.3. Patents, licenses or similar

At the time of preparing the accompanying consolidated Financial Statements, the BBVA Group is not materially dependent on the issuance of patents, licenses and industrial, mercantile or financial contracts or on new manufacturing processes in carrying out its business purpose.