financial statements 2014

4. Staff information

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With a team of 108,770 people, located in 31 countries, BBVA is an organization that offers careers in an environment of camaraderie and team work, undertaking to develop talent, without discrimination, and reward people based on their results. In return, the company asks its teams for effort and dedication in order to obtain good results. For the Group, achieving this goal involves maintaining, at all times, customer focus, respect for people, teamwork and acting in accordance with high ethical standards.

4.1. Professional development

People are key to realizing the business strategy and, therefore, recruitment, development and retention of talent has a significant impact on the organization's current and future performance. Consequently, the Bank makes adequate resources available to people for them to grow professionally and improve their skills:

  • Campus BBVA: with an annual budget of 40 million euros, which means an average of 47 hours per professional activity this year has been distributed in 64% of e-learning and 36% of classroom training
  • apúntate +: as a means to encourage development and transparency in promotion criteria, vacancies are posted on "apúntate+", which is our global tool to provide information on the internal selection processes. In 2014, 4,569 vacancies were posted, for which 11,895 of our professionals applied
  • Self-Development Plan: on the basis of competency-based management, each BBVA employee's strengths and areas for improvement are determined every two years. Consequently, after the individual analysis, a personal training offering is identified, which takes into account the elements to enhance and the most appropriate courses for this purpose.

In addition, people are also supported in different stages of their professional development through mentoring and coaching.

  • Talent Pool: the degree of consolidation of policies and HR processes enables us to obtain homogeneity in the identification and management of the most strategic talent, in order to place it where it could contribute greater value.
  • Diversity: since 2010, we have been increasing our efforts to match job opportunities and career development between men and women in the Group. The Global Diversity Plan focuses on three vectors (maternity, professional development and awareness) and has 10 initiatives already implemented. In addition, countries/ areas have implemented additional local measures. In 2014, the presence of women in the management team reaches 18.48%, which is 67 basis points higher than the previous year.
  • Recruitment: we have a policy that provides a global framework for action that is flexible and adaptable to each country's circumstances. Assessing candidates' skills and knowledge is performed by referencing the corporate assessment model. Between 2014 and 2015, 13 million euros will be invested to aid young people in joining the labor force through the “Becarios 3.000” program. This year 2,200 young people have benefited (1,644 of them, in Spain, under the “Becarios” program). In addition, 12,150 people have joined the Group; 60% of these new hires were under 30 years old.

4.2. A quality working environment

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey: every two years, this process takes place throughout the Group in order to identify areas for improvement. In its latest edition (2014), 101,278 employees were invited to participate. With a response rate of 79%, the overall satisfaction rate stood at 77.3%, representing an improvement of 1.5 points over 2012.
  • Health & safety at work: special attention has been paid to evaluating and preventing occupational risks through the relevant departments in each country. Likewise, planned actions are being put in place to ensure healthier environments and work plans, and road safety, among other things. In addition, health promotion campaigns are also being driven, as well as training and information providing initiatives to improve the quality of life of the people working at BBVA, which fall under the corporate program B-Well.
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Spain's occupational health basic information 2014 2013
Evaluated workplaces 832 779
Technical measures of prevention 2,037 3,334
Preventive actions to improve working conditions 2,869 4,113
Appointments for medical check-ups 16,145 19,367
Employees represented on the Safety and Health committees (*) 100 100
Absenteeism rate (*) 2.2 2
  • Passion for People: through this corporate program we make a range of deals available to our team so they can enjoy the best entertainment or make purchases on favorable terms purely because they work at BBVA (sporting events, concerts, exhibitions, camps and activities for children, travel, etc.)
  • Corporate Volunteer Policy: launched in 2014, in order to aid the appropriate conditions so our team can participate in these activities during working hours.

4.3. Results oriented

  • Performance Evaluation: at BBVA we work toward objectives and their compliance are quantitatively and qualitatively measured and evaluated annually. This process enables the annual variable compensation to be established, which is aimed at rewarding individual, group and organizational results, measured through customer, financial and other indicators.

4.4. BBVA attitude

  • Passion Awards: this project aims to recognize people that stand out in any of the four attitudes (Customer Commitment, Simplicity, Teamwork and Responsibility) and the best initiatives undertaken by the various units to realize these (Customer, Simplicity and Service).
  • Likewise, 10% of variable remuneration is linked to three of the BBVA Attitude behaviors (Simplicity, Team and Responsibility).

For information on the total number of employees, split by professional category, geographical area and gender see Note 43 of the consolidated financial statements attached.