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The team

In 2015, BBVA changed the name of its Human Resources Department to Talent & Culture. The change was not merely titular. It marked a significant shift in the department´s core function, responsibilities and focus. The Talent & Culture organization is leading the transformation of BBVA to deliver the best customer experience anywhere. In other words, the organization is responsible for creating the kind of culture, environment and ways of working where the customer is at the center of everything we do, as defined by the Group´s six strategic priorities.

Talent & Culture is delivering on the power and promise of this in multiple ways. First, we are defining and then delivering a unique employee value proposition. We are defining what it means to be an employee at BBVA, and what sets us apart from any other company. This is important because it motivates and inspires existing employees while helping potential employees realize why BBVA is a destination employer for a first class workforce.

Second, we are building on our core principles to help employees understand what each of us needs to do to work at BBVA, to focus squarely on our customers and to fulfill our six strategic priorities.

And, finally, we are shifting the way we work. We are breaking down old silos and allowing collaboration and communication to flow across countries and across functions. We ensure great ideas come from all areas of the Organization, leveraging BBVA´s intellectual capital, which is vast and deep.

We believe that people are at the core of our success. We are creating open floor work environments where every employee can participate, ask questions, be closer to the decisions being made and as a result be more engaged in the work they do every day. Instead of creating an open door policy, we have decided to get rid of the doors completely.

In 2015, we established our strategy and vision. We created the foundation for understanding who we are as an organization and where we want to go. In 2016, we will focus on how we get there.

Talent & Culture will embark on a series of programs and initiatives that will build on the successes we initiated in 2015:

  • Compensation: Review our compensation model to ensure it is based on simplicity, transparency, equity and accountability. The model should unite all employees globally in a common vision and keep us aligned in delivering on both our strategic and financial goals.
  • Career Development: A new approach to career pathing that puts the employee in the driver’s seat and offers experiential (as well as traditional) ways for employees to develop new skills/capabilities and explore new opportunities for professional growth.
  • Communication: A more interactive and engaging employee communications plan that fosters dialogue rather than passive listening.
Talent & Culture: Creating a first class workforce

2015 has been an incredible year for the Talent & Culture organization and for BBVA in general. The global banking industry is ever changing and increasingly competitive. We expect 2016 to be no different, and will present the Bank with multiple challenges. However, BBVA is well positioned through its strategy, management and people to excel.

2015 Talent & Culture by the numbers

  • Global workforce of 137,968 people located in 35 countries.
  • Employee ratio is 54% women / 46% men.
  • Average age is 37 years.
  • Average tenure is 10 years.

Major accomplishments in 2015

Awarded by Great Place to Work®, BBVA listed as 8th in the top 25 World’s Best Multinational Workplaces.

Training and professional development

  • Deployed new online training platform delivering 64% of the 3.5 millions hours of global training.
  • Broadened English language courses globally.
  • Expanded risk program training with over 5,000 participants.

Health, safety and occupational medicine

  • Delivered global health promotion programs to improve employees overall physical and mental health.
  • Awarded “Certificate of adherence to the Luxembourg Declaration” by the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work, acknowledging the adoption of basic principles of health promotion at work.
  • Improved exponentially the ergonomic and environmental conditions of the workplace through new global facility design.

Diversity and inclusion

  • Continued adherence to our core principles of non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion with significant improvements in many key areas, e.g. growth of female managers from 16.76% in 2010 to 19.60% in 2015.

Appendix EQ1 - Average employee age and breakdown by age bracket

Appendix EQ2 - Average length of service

Appendix EQ3 - Employees by job category and gegraphical area

Appendix EQ4 - Voluntary resignations and breakdown by gender

Appendix EQ5 - Recruitment of employees

Appendix EQ6 - Discharge of employees

Appendix EQ7 - Breakdown of employees by gender, job category and geographical area

Appendix EQ8 - Employees by contract type and gender

Appendix EQ9 - Training

Appendix EQ10 - Occupational health 

Expanded learning and development programs

Volunteer Work and Social Engagement

In March 2014, BBVA implemented the Corporate Volunteer Policy designed to make it easier for employees to carry out volunteer work with the aim of generating a positive social impact across its global footprint.

Volunteer work contributes to the Responsible Business Plan and mainly helps drive education programs, with particular emphasis on financial literacy and support for entrepreneurship.

In 2015, 8,148(1) people engaged in some kind of volunteer activity. Employees have devoted a total of 135,000 hours to these activities.

Worth mentioning is the assistance provided to children through the integration scholarship program “Niños adelante” (Forward, Children) in Mexico, Peru and Uruguay, the initiatives for supporting financial literacy in the United States through the Everfi-Vault program, "Adelante con tu Futuro" (Forward with your Future) in Mexico and Venezuela, "Valores de Futuro" (Future Values) in Spain, and other programs in Argentina and Paraguay that bring financial literacy to a variety of groups; and the 15 charity runs organized in six countries.

Moreover, employees in Spain who so wish can donate 1 euro from their salary through the "Euro Solidario" campaign, and BBVA will match their contribution. The contributions are allocated to an educational support project for young people at risk of social exclusion in several neighborhoods of Spanish cities coordinated by the non-profit organization Entreculturas.

In Argentina, through “Concurso de Proyectos Solidarios” (Charity Project Competition) and in Chile, with BBVA Solidario, BBVA provides financial support for the charity projects of non-profit organizations proposed by BBVA employees. It also offers employees who promoted the winning projects the chance to join them as volunteers. In Spain, the Territorios Solidarios (Solidarity territories) initiative offers BBVA employees the chance to become actively involved in the selection and granting of aid for community projects. The organizations that receive more votes are granted financial support of up to 10,000 euros in two categories of projects: general and volunteer work. All BBVA employees in Spain decide who they put forward and vote for. Any employee can become an ambassador and submit an organization that proposes a funding project.

Commitment to the environment is also relevant. A variety of initiatives have been implemented in Mexico, Venezuela, the United States and Spain to promote reforestation. In this sense, more than 10,000 trees have been planted in 2015. The “Destapa tu solidaridad” (Bottle Caps for Solidarity) campaign has been launched in Argentina to promote the recycling of bottle caps for the Garrahan Hospital Foundation.

(1) The calculation has been made with volunteers by initiative. An employee may have participated in more than one initiative. 

BBVA continues to promote volunteer work across its global footprint