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BBVA's Purpose and Strategic Priorities 

​Unrivaled Efficiency 


Efficiency Model


​Action Plan


Reinforce and expedite the approval and decision-making processes, as well as the corporate governance of the Group's projects and initiatives.

Investments in Technology

A Technology investment plan that helps us and makes it easier for us to serve our customers by offering lower unit costs.

Norms and Procedures

Making sure cost and investment norms and procedures are known in the organization and applied in every context, projects and business unit.


Simplifying Processes

Transforming the productive model in order to become more efficient.

Control and Monitoring

Analyzing recurrent costs and transformation costs.

Training Program

Developing a "21st Century Controller" whose objective is to train "Digital Financing Leaders".

And remember...


Efficiency is everyone's concern

This is not the responsability of central areas, of the holding or of financial areas.

Efficiency is not incompatible with quality service

Continuosly improving processes should allow us to reach both objectives. 

Incorporate the concept of "discriminating"

Differentiate costs that contribute to the transformation of the Group from those that don't.

"Single Development Agenda"

In order to achieve a certain order and prioritization that will allow us to reach the objectives we've set.