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BBVA's Purpose and Strategic Priorities


A new Standard in Customer Experience

A great customer experience across all channels has become essential to meeting consumer expectations and building a succesful business.

Today's customers expect everything (websites, apps, ATM and branch visits, support and correspondence) to work together, creating a seamless experience.

The financial service landscape is changing fast and we need to change with it.

Two proof points:


of banking customers in Spain are willing to switch banks for a better digital service experience.

Source: Global Consumer Banking Survey 2012, Ernst & Young

Design Centric Companies
outperformed others on the S&P 500 by


Source: Design Management Institute, Design Value Index, 2013

Daily, our customers are using products from companies like Google, Facebook, Spotify, and Airbnb who have invested heavily in customer experience design.

They enjoy amazing digital experience in every aspect of their lives and expect the same level of excellence from each brand they interact with, no matter what they're to accomplish.

Digital alone is not enough

Two ways

to take a quantum leap in customer experience and have more satisfied and profitable customers.

1. Our BIG DATA capabilities

2. Experience across channels


We can turn potential detractors into our strongest advocates

Steps to success

Focus on fewer projects

in order to go deeper with those that will offer the most customer value.

Spend more time

figuring out how to deliver a better end-to-end experience for our customers.

Learn from actual customers

during our design and development process.


Design research is an essential practice
that forces us to check our ideas with real people early and often.

Service Design

Customer Journey Maps

tell the story of a customer's experience with a product or service. They show key interactions as well as feelings, motivations and questions at each touchpoint. The goal is to help organisations better understand their customers.

Collaborative Team

All the different departments throughout BBVA will need to collaborate deeply to ensure that customers needs and pain points are identified and addressed holistically.

Service Design

graphically describe a service interaction, creating a direct line of sight between "front-stage" customer experiences and "back-stage" organizational people, processes and policies in order to design better customer experiences.