Annual Report 2014 BBVA Group Business areas Primary stakeholders



Constant €

Net attributable profit

€ 2,090 M

+8.8% vs. 2014

Double-digit growth in activity

Resilience of the area’s earnings, in a moderate economic environment

Sound risk indicators

​A detailed explanation of the aforementioned business area can be found in the Management Report. 

Definition of the area

This area comprises the banking and insurance businesses conducted in Mexico by BBVA Group (hereinafter, BBVA Mexico).

Management priorities

In 2015, BBVA Bancomer has made progress in line with the Group's digital transformation. Various initiatives, products and services have been implemented in Mexico to improve customer experience and make processes more efficient.

BBVA Bancomer has established the following management priorities for 2016 in line with the six strategic priorities defined by the Group:

1. Strategic priority 1: To provide a new standard in customer experience

Goal: In Mexico, BBVA seeks to set a new standard in customer experience. The goal is not only to offer products and services that meet the needs of each customer, but also to generate a sense of belonging. To this end, various initiatives have been developed and implemented so BBVA Bancomer can anticipate the needs of its customers, offering added value and thus improving their experience.

Initiatives: Some of the initiatives and projects include the installation of the Unique Experience model in 100% of the network. This model not only standardizes customer service, it also generates an internal certification to ensure that service can continue to improve. In addition, the remodeling of over 1,400 branches in Mexico has been completed.

This has resulted in BBVA Bancomer being recognized by its customers as the bank with the best service in Mexico. The bank has moved up three positions to the top of the Net Recommendation Index (IReNe) compared with its main competitors in the country. 

Strong performance in earnings with high resilience of recurring revenue. The main focus is on the continuous improvement of service quality

2. Strategic priority 2: To drive digital sales

Goal: To drive sales through digital channels and be more efficient in order to make the business more scalable more quickly. In Mexico, BBVA has developed some products to make it easier to access financial services. The aim of these new products is to make products more available and easier to buy through digital channels.

Initiatives: With the launch of “One-click”, customers have easier access to consumer loans through digital and remote channels, such as Bancomer.com, Bancomer Móvil and ATMs. In 2015, the number of consumer loans granted through these channels was doubled and at the end of the year 15% of all consumer loans were already placed through those channels.

In 2015, several apps have also been launched to boost the digital business, such as BBVA Send, for sending money; BBVA Wallet, for checking the balance and transactions of credit and debit cards; Vida BBVA Bancomer, a loyalty program for customers; Wibe, for buying insurance online; App Línea Bancomer, a direct telephone service for customers; and Bancomer Trader, for buying and selling stocks online.

3. Strategic priority 4: To optimize capital allocation

Goal: To optimize capital allocation through boosting and improving profitability to ensure the successful sustainability of the business.

Initiatives: To generate more efficient processes for comprehensive capital management, enabling the right decisions to be made to continue growing. Work has been done on the redesign of processes and tools to make sure that BBVA Bancomer and its subsidiaries are more efficient in terms of capital; always taking into account the importance of fulfilling the requirements of local and international authorities. 

4. Strategic priority 5: To adapt the model, the processes and the structures to achieve an unrivaled efficiency

Goal: It seeks to provide greater value to customers at a reasonable price, achieving high levels of productivity across all the value chain with a clear focus on commercial activity.

Initiatives: Various action plans are being implemented to increase network productivity. The models defined for each customer segment are also being adapted with the aim of offering differential financial services through specific distribution channels for each one. The fraud prevention services and information efficiency analysis are also being improved.

5. Strategic priority 6: To develop, retain and motivate a first class workforce

Goal: To attract, retain and inspire a first-class team. Having a competent work team focused on delivering results aligned with the strategy and developing and retaining the best talent.

Initiatives: Implementation of a leadership model. The Bank has started to relaunch the strategy for communicating the corporate culture and values across the Organization, to keep them deeply rooted in the workforce and in day-to-day activities. Through multidisciplinary initiatives, the aim is to increase the levels of transparency and employee satisfaction. These initiatives have been reflected in an improvement in the annual survey conducted by Great Place To Work®, where the bank moved up 4 positions in 2015.

6. Additional strategic priority: Social Responsibility

An additional strategic priority has been defined for Mexico due to the importance of the BBVA Bancomer Foundation for the country.

Goal: The institution is concerned about social development and welfare and has implemented initiatives to drive and support the communities nearby BBVA Bancomer’s footprint. It is essential for society to be well educated and informed.

Initiatives: Part of the bank's earnings has been allocated to support education for children with limited resources and scarce opportunities for development. In Mexico, BBVA has implemented scholarship programs to drive education and has also made donations for these scholarships.

Financial literacy programs have been implemented to train people on the practical benefits and positive impact that the use of financial services and products can have in their lives.

Corporate volunteering has also been boosted for the bank's employees with the aim of supporting the most deprived communities through various activities.

In addition, the “Mejora Urbana Bancomer” (Bancomer Urban Improvement) program aims to develop the areas near BBVA Bancomer branch offices so society can feel the benefits of the brand's proximity.