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Business organization chart and structure

The Group's organizational structure was changed in May 2015. This structure is divided into: Execution & Performance, New Core Competencies, Business Development, Risk & Finance and Strategy & Control. The first four functions lie within the responsibility of the CEO and the last one within the responsibility of the Group Executive Chairman. 

The main purpose of this new structure is to strengthen the results of the franchises through a function with full dedication over the management of networks and operations across all geographies. To meet that goal, the new model includes the following Execution & Performance areas:

  • Corporate & Investment Banking: Area responsible for managing BBVA's investment banking, global lending, global markets and transactional businesses for international corporate clients and institutional investors.
  • Country Networks: Responsible for the management of the retail networks and operations across all geographies in which the Group operates.

On the other hand, the structure seeks to build critical competencies and add global talent to build a sustainable competitive advantage in the new landscape. To fulfill these goals, the structure includes the following New Core Competencies:

  • Talent & Culture: Responsible for promoting new schemes for talent management and adapting the Group's culture to the new context.
  • Customer Solutions: Engaged in delivering the best banking experience to customers across all channels, leveraging data and design to better meet customer expectations.
  • Global Marketing & Digital Sales: Committed to driving sales across digital channels and promoting global marketing initiatives.
  • Engineering: Responsible for developing software solutions for digital products with a global approach and running IT operations.
  • New Digital Businesses unit: Focused on the development of new digital businesses, and on fostering the cooperation with startups and the innovation ecosystem.

The Business Development teams (Spain, The United States and growth markets) are responsible for the transformation of the business model and deploying the global solutions adapted to the local needs.

Risk & Finance comprises relevant issues such as the management of global risks, balance sheet and Group solvency. It is divided into:

  • Finance: Area in charge of ALM (asset and liability management) and capital management, relations with analysts, investors, shareholders and rating agencies, management of industrial and financial holdings as well as real-estate management and the procurement function.
  • Global Risk Management: Area responsible for risk management and for preserving Group solvency, supporting its strategy and ensuring business development within adequate risk management throughout the entire risk life cycle and across all geographies where the Group operates.

The Strategy & Control areas, under the responsibility of the Group Executive Chairman, establish the Group's strategy and define the framework and corporate and control model around relevant issues such as compliance, communications, internal audit or accounting, among others. It is structured as follows:

  • Global Economics Regulation & Public Affairs: Area responsible for the economic research service and for promoting and developing institutional relationships.
  • Legal & Compliance: Management of legal risk, legal advice to the Group, management of risks derived from compliance issues (anti-money laundering, client protection, personal information and markets) and compilation, review and presentation to the Corporate Assurance committees of the internal control issues of the Group.
  • Strategy & M&A: Responsibility for corporate development, including the definition of the corporate strategy and execution of M&A transactions.
  • Global Accounting & Information Management: Responsible for the development of accounting and regulatory information, tax information, Planning, Reporting & Management Control and Management Information Systems.
  • Communications: Manages BBVA Group's communications in all geographic locations, defines and implements brand journalism strategies and works to boost BBVA's reputation.
  • General Secretary: Provides advice and legal and technical support to the governing bodies and the different BBVA areas in institutional, legal, corporate and corporate governance matters. 
  • Internal Audit: Provides an independent, objective assurance and advice activity designed to add value and improve the operations of the Organization

Organization chart 

​(1) Others includes Paraguay, Uruguay and Switzerland.
(2) Growth markets include Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Turkey.