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BBVA's Purpose and Strategic Priorities

​Optimize Capital Allocation 


To maximize return on capital resources steadily over time.

A good starting point


Benefits of adequate capital allocation

Greater risk awareness

Use suitable management metrics regularly on RoRWA (Return on Risk-Weighted Assets) or ROE (Return on Equality).

Product vision should not cast a shadow over what really matters: customers vision and the relationship's overall profitability.

Better decision-making

Efficiently allocating scarce resources.

Being brave enough to discontinue lines of business that do not generate the expected value.

Better vision of the future

Assess our business model's behavior in different economic scenarios.

Preserve this Universal Banking Model with its diversification in terms of geography, customers and products, which has proven its solidity over time.

Our stakeholders are demanding greater efficiency and transparency in capital allocation, that is to say, in the resources we use and the risks we take.