14. Other information due to regulatory requirements

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  • Common stock and treasury stock

Information about the common stock structure and transactions with treasury stock can be found in Notes 27 and 30 of the accompanying consolidated Financial Statements.

  • Shareholder remuneration and application of earnings

Information about shareholder remuneration and application of earnings can be found in Note 4 of the accompanying consolidated Financial Statements.

  • Exceptional factors

2011 saw the exceptional factors described in section 2 of this Management Report: Economic Environment in 2011, which have shaped the performance of the global financial system and, by extension, of the BBVA Group.

  • Significant contracts

The Group is not aware of the signing of any material contracts other than those executed during the BBVA Group’s ordinary course of business during the two years immediately prior to December 31, 2011, except for those mentioned in the accompanying consolidated Financial Statements.

Nor is the Group aware that the Bank or any of the Group’s subsidiaries have entered into contracts that could give rise to material liabilities for the Group.

  • Patents, licenses or similar

At the time of preparing the accompanying consolidated Financial Statements, the BBVA Group is not materially dependent on the issuance of patents, licenses and industrial, mercantile or financial contracts or on new manufacturing processes in carrying out its business purpose.

  • Subsequent events

After December 31, 2011, the Spanish’s Government’s intention to implement a series of extraordinary measures that would affect the Spanish financial system was made public. One of these measures is the Ministry of Economy’s proposal to modify regulations regarding certain assets related to the Spanish real estate sector (loans and real estate) and the solvency requirements of financial institutions.

The Group’s financial statements as of December 31, 2011 properly reflect those assets in accordance with the accounting standards in effect and, in no case, will they be affected by the aforementioned regulatory changes.

On the data these consolidated Financial Statements were prepared, the Group did not have sufficient information to determine the exact impact that the abovementioned measures would have on its equity and on the calculations of the Group’s solvency coefficients for 2012. However, BBVA believes that, with the information currently available, this impact will be lower than the amount of the Group’s surplus of eligible capital over those required by the standards currently in force (See Note 33 of the Financial Statements). In addition, in the framework of the recommendations issued by the European Banking Authority, the Group believes that it has the capacity to adopt appropriate measures to achieve the recommended levels as of June 30, 2012.

Since January 1, 2012 until the preparation of the consolidated Financial Statements, no other events not mentioned herein have taken place.