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Tools for Consultations and Discussions with Stakeholders

BBVA has a broad range of tools for consultations and discussions with stakeholders in each country and business area in which it operates. These tools give two guarantees: that customers, employees or shareholders have the proper service channels available and BBVA has sufficient sources of information to find out stakeholder priorities and expectations regarding their relationship with BBVA. We also continuously oversee the institutions and people, along with public opinion, making up the sustainability agenda for a financial institution.

The year 2011 saw completion of the Globscan survey on public opinion in 26 countries, commenced in 2010, with an international study on the Future of Finance. GlobeScan and Berkeley University undertook the study together to look at how to create an environment for banks to continue to prosper and simultaneously create maximum value for society. Another development this year was the inclusion of analyst demands for sustainability information in the bank’s business. More and more responses are given to consultations on sustainability issues from traditional institutional investors. To respond to their growing demands for information and inclusion, the “Comité ESG Investment” will be set up in February 2012 with interaction between three key areas: Investor Relations, Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility. The Investor Relations Manager will chair the Committee, which will be aimed at reviewing assessment, requests for information and ESG analyst recommendations on social, environmental and corporate governance aspects.

Relevant Issues

In light of the persistent crisis, the growing importance that public opinion attaches to the economic situation and unemployment, the two biggest problems for people in most of the analyzed countries, was noteworthy in 2011. The third most important issue analyzed globally was crime/security, which came out on top in Mexico. The issues that people think a bank should treat as priorities were mainly related to the bank-customer relationship: good customer service, product adapted to the target audience, economic conditions, clear language and transparency and access to loans. These are closely followed by a demand for banks to create and maintain jobs and contribute toward setting up strong economies.

The list of issues that BBVA and its stakeholders consider important was therefore as follows:

Relevant issues

Order Issues Main increases in significance
1 Contribution to a strong economy/job creation
2 Access to loans (individuals and companies)
3 Financial profitability and sustainability of the institution
4 Working in accordance with the highest ethical standards
5 Transparency/accountability
6 Value for money (fees, interest)
7 Clear, transparent language
8 Quality of products and services
9 Banking penetration into the low income population
10 Support for governments regarding most significant issues for the population
11 Marketing products with complexity adapted to target audience
12 Financial literacy
13 Responsible project finance
14 Remuneration for executives and board members
15 Fraud prevention measures
16 Working on employee development and motivation
17 Promoting equality and diversity
18 Community involvement actions
19 Using technology to benefit people: multi-channel banking
20 Protecting privacy
21 Work-life balance
22 Ecoefficiency
23 Design of socially and environmentally responsible products
24 Humanitarian aid