Valores de futuro in Spain and Portugal

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The "Valores de Futuro. El dinero de nuestras vidas” is an educational program which has been implemented at elementary schools and in the first and second cycles of ESO, and is based on a number of activities that address the key contents related to money within the framework of values education.

This program was implemented in Spain and Portugal as part of the Global Financial Literacy Plan to bring financial literacy to children through schools.

This program is implemented in conjunction with schools, educational advisors, a multidisciplinary Scientific Committee made up of prestigious experts such as José Antonio Marina, Álex Rovira and Alejandro Tiana, and a team of BBVA volunteers who help with workshops and dynamic lessons.

During the 2010-11 academic year 583,436 pupils from 3,097 schools in Spain participated in the “Valores de futuro” program, and in its first year 107,279 pupils from 843 schools in Portugal. Total participation was therefore 690,715 pupils from 3,940 schools.

We also launched an online community that gives pupils, schools, family members and friends the chance to interact in the various project initiatives or competitions on the official “Valores de futuro” program website and through spaces in social networks (Facebook and Twitter). During the 2010-11 academic year there were 100,000 website visits, 425 fans on Facebook and 507 Twitter followers.

Valores de futuro program participation levels

School year

2010/11 2009/10
No. of students 690,715 334,440
No. of teachers 260 120
No. of schools 3,940 1,734
Note: In 2009/10, data for Spain. In 2010/11, data for Spain and Portugal. Scope: Spain and Portugal

Under the "Valores de futuro" program we organized a new workshop, "Ahorro para todos" (Saving for everybody), a pilot initiative during the 2010/2011 academic year in Madrid. This workshop, designed by educators and taught by BBVA volunteers, and with the full involvement of teachers at the school, aims to raise awareness and encourage pupils to save and create ideas and initiatives for collective saving. BBVA pledged to donate the same amount that they are able to save, up to a maximum of €2,500. As a result, the bank gave €11,000 to 7 pilot schools.