Community involvement

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In 2011 we allocated €74.24 million to community involvement activities, representing 2.47% of the Group’s net attributable profit for the year.

Resources allocated to community involvement over BBVA Group net attributable profit


Scope: BBVA Group

By allocating these funds to community involvement we have reinforced our commitment to priority sectors under the corporate responsibility plan: financial literacy, financial inclusion, education for children and young people and research and culture. We also brought in a new strategic area in 2011: social venture.

In 2011 we also consolidated the engagement initiatives commenced in 2010 to include stakeholders in our community involvement. Our customers donated €3.41 million to the “Niños Adelante” (Forward, children) integration scholarship program in Latin America and our employees put €1.28 million toward community investment projects, mainly in the United States. Taken together with the Group’s contributions, these total €78.93 million.

Resources allocated by the BBVA Group and its foundations

2011 (1) 2010 (1) 2009
By entity
BBVA Group in Spain and the rest of the world 17,423 15,697 26,155
BBVA Group in Latin America (3) 29,551 31,536 26,734
BBVA Compass (United States) 3,725 3,810 -
BBVA Foundation (Spain) 19,368 20,684 22,808
BBVA Microfinance Foundation (Spain) 4,176 4,304 3,366
TOTAL 74,244 76,031 79,063
By type of investment (2)
Monetary 58,868 69,066 66,946
Management and Time 12,873 5,661 11,204
In kind 2,502 1,305 913
TOTAL 74,244 76,031 79,063
By theme area
Education 38,961 41,606 30,617
Social and economic development 12,258 10,860 21,779
Community welfare care 4,313 3,978 7,917
Culture 8,361 9,039 5,783
Environment 1,673 2,660 3,776
Health 3,691 4,243 5,456
Corporate Responsibility promotion 2,236 2,434 2,196
Other fields 2,751 1,211 1,538
Total 74,244 76,031 79,063
(1) Resources allocated by the BBVA Group and its foundations include: In foundations, where the figures include expenses devoted by each entity to its purposes and each foundation’s administrative and structural cost; regarding the BBVA Group, this includes the financial contributions made, plus management costs, contributions in kind and space provided. In no case do the figures include any social benefits stipulated by collective agreements intended for company employees or their families, or grants and work placement within the Group. In 2011 the LBG model is fully applied, eliminating all obligatory contributions that the model does not take into account. The average euro exchange rate for the years in question has been used in converting local-currency contributions outside the euro zone. (2) The accrual principle is applied. (3) Latin America includes the countries of South America, Mexico and Puerto Rico. It includes local Foundation resources (Argentina, Mexico and Peru). Scope: BBVA Group