Research and Culture

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In 2011 BBVA Foundation stepped up its commitment to generating and disseminating knowledge through activities including: research work, meetings and workshops, conferences, consultations and discussions, publications in digital and paper format, and several groups of prizes in recognition of those who make the most significant contributions to scientific and technology breakthroughs.

The BBVA Foundation backs advanced research which it believes constitutes strategic leverage to meet early century challenges and is the Foundation’s main differentiating factor. This is an assertion of BBVA’s commitment to making “a better future for people” through promoting knowledge and innovation.

The BBVA Foundation runs an ambitious cultural program, making it a reference point for art patronage in Spain. It also offers major backing for educational and dissemination work.

The BBVA Foundation "Fronteras del Conocimiento" Awards have been running since 2008. These awards give recognition to contributions that have pushed back the frontiers of knowledge and increased the possibility of a better future for society. They are worth 3.2 million (€400,000 in each of the eight categories). In terms of prize money they can be considered the second largest in the world after the Nobel Prizes.