“Adelante con tu futuro” in South America and Mexico

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In 2011 we successfully consolidated the “Adelante con tu futuro” program in Mexico under the Global Financial Literacy Plan. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) honored this initiative with two beyondBanking awards in the learnBanking categories for their innovation, state-of-the-art and impact in promoting financial literacy, and people's choice, for the most-voted project by the public, among 120 submissions in 8 categories.

Adelante con tu futuro” offers personal finance workshops for customers and non-customers covering topics such as saving, saving for retirement, credit cards, credit health and mortgages and life insurance (launched in 2011), and workshops for SMEs covering loans, types of loans for businesses, requirements to apply for a loan for your business and keys to managing your business' credit.

The workshops are organized by BBVA Bancomer in conjunction with Museo Interactivo de Economía (MIDE) and Tecnológico TEC de Monterrey.

In 2011, we taught 413,114 personal finance and SME workshops to 111,814 people. This means that each person participated in more than three workshops on average, in other words, they acquired more than three basic financial skills on average, allowing them to gain knowledge and develop skills to use financial services to their advantage.

Adelante con tu futuro program participation levels

2011 2010 2009
Participants 113,075 77,385 28,115
Workshops completed 414,096 303,539 112,460
Note: In 2010 and 2009, only data for Mexico. In 2011, data for Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay. Scope: Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay

These workshops were taught face-to-face in financial literacy classrooms at BBVA Bancomer branch network in the 14 main countries in the country, and in other mobile classrooms. These face-to-face sessions represent 53% of the workshops.

The workshops were also taught via online courses on the “Adelante con tu futuro” program website, a TEC de Monterrey (LMS) distance learning platform. These online courses represent 40% of the workshops.

The program also includes an agreement with education institutes and universities, with workshops taught at the Museo Interactivo de Economía (MIDE) and universities to 30 thousand young people, and awareness campaigns.

In 2011 we continued to extend the “Adelante con tu futuro” program to Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru. Workshops commenced in the first three countries in the early months of 2011.