January-September 2013


Main highlights

In the third quarter of 2013, the retail banking unit undertook the following actions aimed at addressing customer demands:

  • A wide range of savings products is being developed on the marketing side, as the unit is committed to offering deposit products as a way of attracting new customers. These actions have enabled the maturities of time deposits and promissory notes (€13,243m over the quarter) to be managed successfully and the banking relationship with customers to be strengthened.
  • As for fees and commissions, the unit continues to promote the “Adiós comisiones” (Goodbye charges) program in order to reinforce customer loyalty. Today, 60% of individual customers already benefit from this program.
  • In sales channels, BBVA is developing its multi-channel, digital and integrated relationship model. The significant volume of app downloads to cell phones during the summer, amounting to 45% of the website’s active users, illustrates the benefits of digital channels. In addition, “BBVA Contigo”, the Bank’s remote relationship model, continues to grow in both customer numbers and satisfaction levels.
  • Lastly, in order to make it easier to attract new customers, the design of a new protocol was completed this quarter, aimed at offering a much more flexible and simpler “welcome experience”.

All the above, combined with the commercial strength and the network’s high capillarity, has made it possible to attract over 133,000 new direct deposits of salaries and 71,000 new pensions in the Bank over the quarter. As a result, its market share has increased by 88 and 187 basis points, respectively.

CBB seeks to achieve a position of leadership through the improvement of the quality of service. The most relevant actions in the quarter are:

  • Deployment of “Plan + Negocio” for companies and SMEs, focused on addressing the demand for finance from current customers and attracting new customers. With this initiative, the unit reinforces its commitment to continue meeting solvent demand by keeping high risk admission and selection standards.
  • Various initiatives aimed at meeting the needs of the export sector and companies engaged in international expansion. This is being done by encouraging relations between the different banks that make up BBVA in order to enable customers to benefit from the market knowledge of the Group’s various specialized teams.